About us

Boujikian Bros, Co. Ltd was established in 1984 as an importer and supplier of Electronics accessories. The company then shifted its attention towards audio, light, and security with the evolvement of the Lebanese market.

We provide solutions to various engineering projects and applications in the field of electronics, audio, light, and security to all regions around the Middle East.

Our services include:

- Engineering Studies, Design Analysis and Drawings for audio, light, and security applications.
- Import, Supply, and Installation of audio, light, and security applications.

Boujikian Bros, Co. Ltd serves educational and religious institutions, corporate, governmental, and military sectors offering a wide range of products and services with dedicated customer care and support.

Our products range but are not limited to:

  • Professional audio systems, line arrays, speakers, mixers, amplifiers and accessories.
  • Public address systems, ceiling and wall-mounted speakers, horn and matrix systems.
  • Conference and translation systems.
  • Television and broadcast studio and light equipments.
  • Professional CCTV security systems.
  • Professional LED and stage light systems.
  • Outdoor water-proof audio and light products.
  • Multimedia LCD Projection screens.
  • Cables, stands, and electronics accessories.